Saturday, March 26, 2011

The ground ran red with the blood of the unclean(battle report)

Tonight looked to be a slow night as work was annoying and I had no plans.  I was chilling in the lair with Seerer K when a couple of his friends came over. We decided to have a 4 way brawl for it all 40k style. Each commander brought 750 points to the battlefield.  3 different chapters of Space Marines were present as well as some damn dirty xenos Dark Eldar.

Things did not go well for me in the first few turns, my terminators were still in route. Wookie's Space marines felt the pain of Seer K's dark eldar. I lost a small tactical squad to overbearing plasma and heavy bolter fire.   As the dark eldar cut a bloody swath into my rival marines, they fought back with tenacity. Destroying one Venom transport and slaying many a dark xenos. Once my terminators arrived they took heavy casualties under plasma and heavy bolter fire reigning down like the fires of hell.  Only Da'Boss was left laying waste with his heavy flamer, cyclone missile launcher and chain fist. Mean while my Dreadnought had decided against shooting these false marines and instead decided to bum rush them.  Wookie's space marines barely held ground against the blistering forces of the dark xenos.   Sadly Da'Boss was slain by a power sword.  I thought all hope was lost as the dark eldar approached. My marines were paste, my chaplain and dreadnought were all that was left. Then by the holy grace of the Emperor did luck swing my way. My chaplain with hand burning red punched through the head of the  cyberite leader smiting him thusly!  The dreadnought Brother McBadass (a ancient family name) stayed locked in combat with a group of assault marines.

The chaplain proceeded across the table shrugging off dark lance fire, finally arriving nose to hull of the skiff and delivering a erupting burning finger across it's bow knocking it into slag.  The remaining dark xenos began mopping up the false space marines while Brother McBadass finished off the assault marines and began destroying another squad.

Once the xenos had finished flayed the space marines before them they turned to hunt down the chaplain that had killed their leader. After taking a few pot shots they decided to instead keep their eyes upon Brother McBadass that had climbed aboard a walkway to assault the last group of false marines. Vicious combat ensued as the dreadnought kept hammering at the false ones. As the last of the cries rose to the sky Brother McBadass turned and began advancing upon the last of the dark xenos.  The Chaplain advanced upon the xenos who slowly backed away as not to be assaulted on two sides.  Bullets rained down from all sides and the Chaplain was knocked out of the fight. Brother McBadass seized upon this moment to charge the xenos slaying one out right, and engaging in a long and drawn out combat with the other. Grenades were thrown, weapons exploded but still the fight raged on. Finally things looked dour for Brother McBadass as his close combat weapon was destroyed by the filthy xenos. With a praise be to the Emperor, Brother McBadass hurled what was left of his arm at the filthy alien scum crushing it upon the rubble. As the dreadnought look up into the night sky there was only one thought
"It is a good day." 

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