Monday, March 28, 2011

island hopping

My rifts game is now over a year old!  I would like to thank the awesome group of players I have that are willing to overlook the bumps in the system for the awesome world that the game has to offer.

Currently the group is heading south, way south. To the South American continent. The group is almost there after enduring a number of set backs along the way including two character deaths. (the current pc death toll is only at 3)

The chrcters in this game are Travis a juicer, Malkin a white rose mystic knight, Sabrina a poly-were, Claudia a psychic with a past, Squirrel the shape shifting dragon, and Ahkmed high priest of the kabob and possible werewolf. Seph a nightbane, Lydia a super spy, and Bronson a headhunter are all currently K.I.A.

The players have chartered a boat across the gulf, weather rouge mechanoid attack, and escape the supernatural horror of a derelict mass of ships.  The group has picked up a couple of new members including a shape shifting dragon with a machine obsession  and  Claudia who can turn intangible and invisible. So far the dragon integrated well with the party where as  Claudia not so much. I am waiting for the rest of the group to turn her into F.R.M.

Currently the group is stopped on a small island that Travis crashed upon. It would seem that a large portion of the locals worship dragons as "sky kings"  The party was able to resupply and the captain of the boat was able to get some scraps to fix various damages. The locals have also had problems with various werecreture species coming to the island and stealing people int he night. The town militia is lightly armed except for the local defender who has an old suit of NGR powerarmor and a couple of high powered MDC rifles. The group found this out the hard way when Sabrina took a critical hit to the head with silver rounds.  The situation was quickly calmed down and luckily Sabrina was able to regenerate the damage. After that the group milled about a bit and then noticed an approaching ferry boat.

From this boat cam a group of entertainers. They strolled into the village square and began preforming. One of the entertainers brought out a bound Lorica Wraith and had it do tricks. This waved some red flags to a few of the more learned pc's. Sure enough the entertainers began attacking people and  attempting to abduct some for slaves.  The last game session ended in the middle of combat.

Till next time, cry havoc and let loose, well me!

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