Sunday, July 3, 2011

Hell hath no fury like a large robot intent on death and destruction

Life has been hectic and a pile of shit lately, hence no updates. I dd want to share one thing though. I finished the slayer helljack I was working on. I still have to get 2 more sets of shoulders so I can create swapped parts to switch between helljack models.
here is a pick!

Till next time, cry havoc and let loose, well me

Saturday, June 11, 2011

Cheese comes of the player, not the army.

I read a handful of gaming blogs, many of the warhammer 40K.  One thing that I see again and again is Space Marine Hate. Oh they are cheesey, over powered, blah blah blah blah blah. I will say this up front I play Space Marines, Codex marines in fact, I have never walked over my opponent due to a cheese filled list. Why? Because I am not a douchebag. I have seen other army lists that are so cheese filled they should come with crackers but I notice these don't get the same amount of hate because they are xenos lists. The popular theory that Xenos is harder to play. I cry FUCKING BULLSHIT!  You know the difference between Space Marines and Xenos, Space Marines are well rounded. They do nothing amazing and everything OK. They are the Mario (ala Mario Kart) of the 40k universe.  I have noticed that each Xenos race has a specialty and is devastating as long as you use their strengths. Dark eldar hit hard, fast and often but have shitty defense. Tau have AMAZING ranged capability but suck in hand to hand. The list goes on.

I feel that players of 40k in particular really want anything else to blame their loss on than their own playing. It wasn't my fault the dice hated me, it wasn't my fault that army was OP and cheese, or it wasn't my fault that army is just stronger and more bullshit.  Grow a pair and shut the fuck up and play better next time.

Also I am not defending cheese lists, what I am saying is hate the douchebag moron who created it, not the army itself.

Space Marines do not create cheese, bad players do.

Till next time, cry havoc and let loose, well me!

Thursday, April 28, 2011

The only thing better than dead is undead!

My Cryx army is coming along nicely, I have a few ideas for more pieces I want and the style of undead horror I want to unleash. I recently picked up a Helljack kit. I noticed that you get 1 torso and legs set and they give you the different heads and arms for two different Helljacks. That way one kit can give you various options. Now this got the gears in my head turning. Instead of buying three kits, making three different Helljacks: the Slayer, the Reaper, and the Corruptor. I am going to use a group of small magnets and instead have one chassis that I can switch out arms and legs on. Thereby having an option of three different helljacks whenever!  I have assembled the slayer arms, and the torso and legs. I also began basing and shall begin painting shortly. Now for pictures!

I am deciding to go with the Slayer configuration first since I am excited about open fist Helljacks and the applications there of, like hurling opposing models at others!

Body missing head and arms.

More to come soon, I hope!

Till next time, cry havoc and let loose, well me!

Monday, April 25, 2011

you know you are in an rpg when

You know you're in an RPG when:

Looting isn't only ok, it is encouraged.
Attackers patiently wait their turn to strike.
Towns people cry out for warriors to save their town, yet charge those warriors an arm and a leg for staying at the inn or buying supplies.
There's always a young child or old man stuck in a cave/mine/dungeon/forgotten tower/etc... in need of rescue who somehow made it safely to the deepest(or highest) part you can barely survive with an entire party.
Monsters generally carry loose change or some form of currency.
Full arsenals of weapons and potions fit nicely into ones pants.
Party members magically merge into a single being between battles or cut scenes.
As a rule ever demon overlord or crazy person wants to rule YOUR world.
People often become giants when exploring the wilderness.
You can carry a massive steel sword and shield but only a limited quantity of tiny potion vials.

On a side note I am highly excited for this:

Till next time, cry havoc and let loose, well me!

Monday, April 11, 2011

Enter freely and of your own will.

A bunch of the rifts group decided to flake out on the game tonight, so instead the group that was remaining and Seer K and I all played the Ravenloft board game.  The game plays like a modified version of the 4th ed D&D system, in a very self contained and smaller way. Everything you need to know is in 1 slim book and there is a second book full of scenarios.  The basic classes of 4th ed are represented: Fighter, Ranger, Rogue, Cleric, Wizard. This board game will kill you. The expectation is that you will loose most of the time. The monsters are only 50 percent of the damage. Pretty much each turn you draw an encounter card that is 70 percent bum fuckery and 30 percent punch in the gut.  I believe that this helps to keep that horror aspect of Ravenloft alive. After all this is the setting where going in you know you are in a bad way. Ravenloft is not the lang of hugs and puppies oh no it is the land of shadows and screams. Just the way I like it. I give the game 4 out of 5 skulls. The only reason it does not get 5 out of 5 is there learning curve is not friendly andI am already wishing there were more options.

I have also been  playing a bit more dungeon fighter online (server: cain character: vraxus) as I don;t have the money for wow and my computer graphics card seems to want to have a heart attack at random points while playing it.

I suggest DFO for a sometimes distraction if you like loot and arcade beat em ups like final fight and such. DFO gets 3 out of 5 skulls.

Till next time, cry havoc and let loose, well me!

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Look at the bones!

I read through the warmachine rule book last night. It looks like a game i could get into. Especially since the basic game size is pretty small. I am a big fan of miniature games that only required 5-8 models. Instead of 50-80. It makes playing the game on a budget a whole lot easier.

I decided to go with the undead army, since I am in fact a big fan of undead in general.

Reading the fluff for this force I am reminded of the Phyrexians from Magic The Gathering.

Till next time, cry havoc and let loose, well me!

Monday, April 4, 2011

Nothing like tactical dreadnought armor to make one feel alive.

Seer K returned from Adepticon ( a HUGE warhammer 40k tournament.convention) and he brought swag. Such delicious wondrous swag.  I received three terminators with thunder hammers and storm shields which means they hit harder and are better armored. I also gained a few more lightning claws. (the only thing better than punching through people is tearing through them) and luckily it was just the number I needed, although I might still keep a look out on a deal for a few more. I now have 8 assault terminators. Which in my humble opinion are the best kind. I enjoy shooting my enemies with righteous bolter fire but nothing says "Die Heretic" like ripping someone to shreds all up close and personal.

I also worked more on my Venerable Dreadnought. I started with a pretty basic conversion but it just keeps snowballing. I will upload a picture once it is done.  I now added a close combat weapon the the model and certain anime fans may get a kick out of the weapon is used. The Lance of Longinus from "Neon Genesis Evangelion".  It just made sense to me for a space marine to wield it.

I look forward to a good day of painting tomorrow.

Till next time, cry havoc and let loose, well me!

Monday, March 28, 2011

island hopping

My rifts game is now over a year old!  I would like to thank the awesome group of players I have that are willing to overlook the bumps in the system for the awesome world that the game has to offer.

Currently the group is heading south, way south. To the South American continent. The group is almost there after enduring a number of set backs along the way including two character deaths. (the current pc death toll is only at 3)

The chrcters in this game are Travis a juicer, Malkin a white rose mystic knight, Sabrina a poly-were, Claudia a psychic with a past, Squirrel the shape shifting dragon, and Ahkmed high priest of the kabob and possible werewolf. Seph a nightbane, Lydia a super spy, and Bronson a headhunter are all currently K.I.A.

The players have chartered a boat across the gulf, weather rouge mechanoid attack, and escape the supernatural horror of a derelict mass of ships.  The group has picked up a couple of new members including a shape shifting dragon with a machine obsession  and  Claudia who can turn intangible and invisible. So far the dragon integrated well with the party where as  Claudia not so much. I am waiting for the rest of the group to turn her into F.R.M.

Currently the group is stopped on a small island that Travis crashed upon. It would seem that a large portion of the locals worship dragons as "sky kings"  The party was able to resupply and the captain of the boat was able to get some scraps to fix various damages. The locals have also had problems with various werecreture species coming to the island and stealing people int he night. The town militia is lightly armed except for the local defender who has an old suit of NGR powerarmor and a couple of high powered MDC rifles. The group found this out the hard way when Sabrina took a critical hit to the head with silver rounds.  The situation was quickly calmed down and luckily Sabrina was able to regenerate the damage. After that the group milled about a bit and then noticed an approaching ferry boat.

From this boat cam a group of entertainers. They strolled into the village square and began preforming. One of the entertainers brought out a bound Lorica Wraith and had it do tricks. This waved some red flags to a few of the more learned pc's. Sure enough the entertainers began attacking people and  attempting to abduct some for slaves.  The last game session ended in the middle of combat.

Till next time, cry havoc and let loose, well me!

Saturday, March 26, 2011

The ground ran red with the blood of the unclean(battle report)

Tonight looked to be a slow night as work was annoying and I had no plans.  I was chilling in the lair with Seerer K when a couple of his friends came over. We decided to have a 4 way brawl for it all 40k style. Each commander brought 750 points to the battlefield.  3 different chapters of Space Marines were present as well as some damn dirty xenos Dark Eldar.

Things did not go well for me in the first few turns, my terminators were still in route. Wookie's Space marines felt the pain of Seer K's dark eldar. I lost a small tactical squad to overbearing plasma and heavy bolter fire.   As the dark eldar cut a bloody swath into my rival marines, they fought back with tenacity. Destroying one Venom transport and slaying many a dark xenos. Once my terminators arrived they took heavy casualties under plasma and heavy bolter fire reigning down like the fires of hell.  Only Da'Boss was left laying waste with his heavy flamer, cyclone missile launcher and chain fist. Mean while my Dreadnought had decided against shooting these false marines and instead decided to bum rush them.  Wookie's space marines barely held ground against the blistering forces of the dark xenos.   Sadly Da'Boss was slain by a power sword.  I thought all hope was lost as the dark eldar approached. My marines were paste, my chaplain and dreadnought were all that was left. Then by the holy grace of the Emperor did luck swing my way. My chaplain with hand burning red punched through the head of the  cyberite leader smiting him thusly!  The dreadnought Brother McBadass (a ancient family name) stayed locked in combat with a group of assault marines.

The chaplain proceeded across the table shrugging off dark lance fire, finally arriving nose to hull of the skiff and delivering a erupting burning finger across it's bow knocking it into slag.  The remaining dark xenos began mopping up the false space marines while Brother McBadass finished off the assault marines and began destroying another squad.

Once the xenos had finished flayed the space marines before them they turned to hunt down the chaplain that had killed their leader. After taking a few pot shots they decided to instead keep their eyes upon Brother McBadass that had climbed aboard a walkway to assault the last group of false marines. Vicious combat ensued as the dreadnought kept hammering at the false ones. As the last of the cries rose to the sky Brother McBadass turned and began advancing upon the last of the dark xenos.  The Chaplain advanced upon the xenos who slowly backed away as not to be assaulted on two sides.  Bullets rained down from all sides and the Chaplain was knocked out of the fight. Brother McBadass seized upon this moment to charge the xenos slaying one out right, and engaging in a long and drawn out combat with the other. Grenades were thrown, weapons exploded but still the fight raged on. Finally things looked dour for Brother McBadass as his close combat weapon was destroyed by the filthy xenos. With a praise be to the Emperor, Brother McBadass hurled what was left of his arm at the filthy alien scum crushing it upon the rubble. As the dreadnought look up into the night sky there was only one thought
"It is a good day."