Thursday, April 28, 2011

The only thing better than dead is undead!

My Cryx army is coming along nicely, I have a few ideas for more pieces I want and the style of undead horror I want to unleash. I recently picked up a Helljack kit. I noticed that you get 1 torso and legs set and they give you the different heads and arms for two different Helljacks. That way one kit can give you various options. Now this got the gears in my head turning. Instead of buying three kits, making three different Helljacks: the Slayer, the Reaper, and the Corruptor. I am going to use a group of small magnets and instead have one chassis that I can switch out arms and legs on. Thereby having an option of three different helljacks whenever!  I have assembled the slayer arms, and the torso and legs. I also began basing and shall begin painting shortly. Now for pictures!

I am deciding to go with the Slayer configuration first since I am excited about open fist Helljacks and the applications there of, like hurling opposing models at others!

Body missing head and arms.

More to come soon, I hope!

Till next time, cry havoc and let loose, well me!

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  1. Mag swapping the arms and such is the best. Also, if the body is a big solid piece... you should bring get another kit and bring it with you next time you are up....