Monday, April 25, 2011

you know you are in an rpg when

You know you're in an RPG when:

Looting isn't only ok, it is encouraged.
Attackers patiently wait their turn to strike.
Towns people cry out for warriors to save their town, yet charge those warriors an arm and a leg for staying at the inn or buying supplies.
There's always a young child or old man stuck in a cave/mine/dungeon/forgotten tower/etc... in need of rescue who somehow made it safely to the deepest(or highest) part you can barely survive with an entire party.
Monsters generally carry loose change or some form of currency.
Full arsenals of weapons and potions fit nicely into ones pants.
Party members magically merge into a single being between battles or cut scenes.
As a rule ever demon overlord or crazy person wants to rule YOUR world.
People often become giants when exploring the wilderness.
You can carry a massive steel sword and shield but only a limited quantity of tiny potion vials.

On a side note I am highly excited for this:

Till next time, cry havoc and let loose, well me!

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